Barley United Lighthouse releases 2019 Live Entertainment Inventory, male singers are even hotter

Barley United Lighthouse releases “2019 Live Entertainment Inventory”, male singers are even hotter
On January 6th, released the “2019 Live Entertainment Inventory” in conjunction with the Beacon Performance section.The report shows that the live entertainment industry is booming in 2019, and various professional performances are emerging one after another. The consumption of young people is gradually stratified, the consumption structure of the performance market is further subdivided, and the consumer demand is becoming more diverse.”2019 Live Entertainment Inventory” shows that Jay Chou, May Day, Hua Chenyu, TFBOYS, Lin Junjie, Zhang Jie, Zhang Yixing, Li Zongsheng, Wang Lihong and other male singers have dominated the concert market, which is mainly due to male artists in the scale of performances and performances.Generally speaking, female singers in Dublin, such as May Day 2019, three consecutive games in the Bird ‘s Nest and six consecutive games in the Shanghai Hongkou Football Stadium; Jay Chou[Carnival]World Tour Concert from Nanjing to Hangzhou, then Xiamen to Shenzhen, each cityIt was two consecutive sings in the stadium; Hua Chenyu’s “Mars” concert even ignited the Haikou concert market and opened three consecutive games at the Wuyuanhe Stadium in Haikou City.Even so, their concert is still hard to get a ticket, Jay Chou’s concert was robbed online for millions of people at the same time, the first sale of Hua Chenyu’s concert was 500,000+ users out of stock registration, some fans commented that “Shu Dao is hard, It’s not difficult to grab a ticket for Aidou. “In addition, through the prevalence of the rice circle culture, pop boy groups and new generation singers are more favored by young female audiences, such as TFBOYS, ONER, UNINE and other combinations are widely sought after by female fans.The report shows that TFBOYS “confessed to the Fever” concert of the sixth anniversary of female ticket users accounted for 92%, top female ticket users accounted for the top of the list, 2019 ONER concert Beijing Station “Seventh Ball”, female ticket usersIt accounts for 91% and ranks second.In the TOP5 of the year’s hardworking artists, Lin Junjie won the most titles in the tour city, Li Zongsheng, Li Ronghao, Lin Youjia followed second, third, fourth, Wang Lihong, Mo Wenwei, Yang Qianhua tied for fifth place.In terms of theater performances, the number of theater performances at the box office is on the rise.According to data from, the number of dramas, musicals and performances in 2019 has increased by 41% over the past year, accounting for 40% of the total live entertainment performances.Among them, musical dramas have the fastest growth momentum, especially classic musicals imported from foreign original editions and high-quality Chinese musical editions based on large IP adaptations are most popular with users, such as “Rock Mozart”, “Chicago” and “Cat”.Good results have been achieved at the box office or word of mouth.”2019 Live Entertainment Inventory” shows that Broadway’s original musical “Rock School” and the Chinese version of Higashino Keigo’s “Letter” musical are the most popular among the audience, ranking first and second in the most popular musicals in 2019.In essence, driven by the effects of variety shows and starring stars, the drama began to “out of the circle”, a large number of TV, net comprehensive users began to pay attention to the drama performances and went to the theater.”2019 Live Entertainment Inventory” shows that the top five dramas of the annual ticket grabbing popularity also acted as star lineups. Among them, the most popular annual drama “Venice Merchant” starred by Jin Shijia, Yu Ailei and A Yunga; the popularity of ticket grabbingThe fourth drama “Deling and Cixi” starred Jiang Shan, Zheng Yunlong, and Huang Huici. Both rounds of the Beijing station were sold within 5 seconds.It can be polished through the report. The age of live entertainment is obviously consumed in the intergenerational circle. After 00, there is a preference for musicals. In the ranking of TOP5, the musicals accounted for four after 00. The musicals accounted for after 80s.Plays such as “Count of Wulong Mountain”, “More than Moonlight in Front of the Window”, “Negotiating Experts” and other repertoires are all post-80s ticket users. The post-90s consumption is the most expensive.The Earl of Oolong Mountain also loves Meng Jinghui’s “Rhino in Love”, and is also happy to enjoy the world’s classic original musical “Cat” CATS.From the perspective of geographical distribution of live entertainment consumption, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Haikou and other first-tier and new-tier provincial capital cities still continue to lead in performance supply.TFBOYS “Confessed The Fever” concert in Shenzhen, antiques, cross-city viewing ratio reached 92%, and Huachenyu “Mars” concert-Haikou Station is the most widely distributed in 2019 to cover ticket purchasersIn the concert, fans from 332 cities crossed the rivers and lakes to listen to the Huahua concert.Sauna, Ye Chang Yang Chang Wu Longzhen proofreading Li Lijun